Christopher Ash

Cloud Refuge Meeting in Blackheath

 Cloud Refuge is a Buddhist Meditation group located in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. We meet weekly, on Thursdays 7pm -9pm, at the Masonic Lodge building, 93-95 Wentworth Street, Blackheath, (and we are above the Montessori School. Come in through side door, around the corner to the right, and then up the stairs.)
Meditation starts at 7:00. 

After the meditation period we have a contemplation of a Buddhist theme, or some other inquiry activities led by Joyce Kornblatt, the group’s teacher. Joyce is a writer and Hakomi-trained psychotherapist. You can find Joyce’s contact information and you can read more about her at 

If you only want to meditate, and then leave before the conversation, you are welcome to do so. If you don’t know much about ‘insight’ meditation, we suggest that you read what they say at Spirit Rock about this approach to the inner life here, at Spirit Rock’s ‘Meditation 101‘ page.